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Internet for Motorhomes in the US – Best Options

Welcome to the digital highway, fellow wanderers! Are you seeking the best internet for motorhomes, or currently fumbling with your wireless internet for RV? Perhaps you’re yearning for WiFi on an RV that’s as breezy as your next adventure, or wracking your brains over RV internet options? Well, you’ve parked your camper in the right place! Our guide dives into the world of motorhome internet options, ensuring your digital life is just as smooth as your life on wheels. We’ll explore everything from satellite internet for RV, featuring giants like Viasat (and Viasat Internet, of course) to Hughes (yes, we’re talking about HughesNet and HughesNet Internet!) and the new kid on the intergalactic block, Starlink (with their Starlink Internet and Starlink Business). So, buckle up for a ride through the best wireless internet for camper options out there! 🚐🌐 #InternetForMotorhomes #WirelessInternetForRV #WiFiOnAnRV #RVInternetOptions #MotorhomeInternetOptions #Viasat #HughesNet #Starlink #StayConnected

Internet for motorhomes in the US - Best options

What to look for when buying internet for Motorhomes?

Before we dive into the top internet options, let’s discuss what to look for when buying internet for your motorhome. Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. Coverage: Check if the internet service provider covers the areas where you plan to travel. You don’t want to be left without internet in remote locations.
  2. Speed: Look for options that offer fast and reliable speeds. Streaming movies, playing online games, and using time-sensitive applications should be a breeze.
  3. Data Caps: Keep an eye on data caps. Some providers may impose limitations on the amount of data you can use each month.
  4. Price: Consider your budget and find an option that suits your needs without breaking the bank.
  5. Contracts and Fees: Be aware of any minimum contracts or early termination fees associated with the internet service.

Top Internet Options for Motorhome in the US

When considering internet options for motorhomes, we highly recommend satellite-based solutions due to their extensive coverage. However, it’s important to note that satellite internet is only accessible when your RV is parked in a specific location. For internet connectivity on the move, cellular internet serves as an excellent alternative.

internet for motorhomes in the US - best options

Now, let’s dive into the top internet options for motorhomes:



  • Hughesnet offers both satellite and fusion plans.
    • Satellite Plan: Hughesnet’s satellite plan utilizes state-of-the-art satellite technologies, enabling you to stay seamlessly connected, stream your favorite movies in high definition, and enjoy lag-free online gaming experiences.
    • Fusion Plan: Hughesnet’s fusion plan combines the best of satellite and wireless technologies into a single, robust connection. With this plan, you can enjoy even faster speeds and ultra-responsive service, making it ideal for time-sensitive applications and real-time gaming enthusiasts who demand the utmost performance and reliability.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Satellite Plans:
    • Select Plan: $49.99 per month for speeds of up to 50 Mbps, including 100 GB of Priority Data. Perfect for small households.
    • Elite Plan: $64.99 per month for speeds of up to 100 Mbps, including 200 GB of Priority Data. Ideal for active households.
  • Fusion Plan: $79.99 per month for speeds of up to 100 Mbps, including 200 GB of Priority Data.


  • Accessible throughout the entire US, as long as there is an unobstructed view of the southern sky.
  • Guaranteed price stability for 24 months.
  • Consistently reliable broadband speeds in all service areas.
  • Connectivity even in remote or rural locations.


  • Limited data caps.
  • Expensive equipment costs.
  • Higher price compared to other internet options.
  • Requires a 24-month minimum contract with early termination fees for cancellation.



Viasat‘s satellite plan offers a reliable solution for home internet where traditional cable and fiber connections may not reach. With Viasat, you can enjoy seamless online experiences, whether it’s working remotely, studying, browsing the web, or engaging in various online activities. Stay connected and productive, no matter where you call home, with Viasat’s dependable home satellite internet service.

Pricing & Plans:

  • Satellite Plans:
    • For just $64.99/month, you can experience unlimited data up to 25 Mbps with 60 GB of high-speed data, perfect for individual use.
    • Get started at $84.99/month and enjoy unlimited data up to 30 Mbps with 100 GB of high-speed data, ideal for two users.
    • Elevate your experience with our $119.99/month plan, offering unlimited data up to 40 Mbps with 150 GB of high-speed data, designed for three users.
    • For four users, the $169.99/month plan provides unlimited data up to 50 Mbps with 300 GB of high-speed data to meet your needs.
    • Finally, the $249.99/month plan is perfect for five users, giving you unlimited data up to 50 Mbps with 500 GB of high-speed data. Enjoy seamless connectivity for all your needs.


  • Enjoy 98% nationwide coverage across the US.
  • Benefit from locked-in rates for the duration of your contract.
  • Experience lightning-fast speeds from the leading traditional satellite internet provider.
  • Enjoy high-speed connectivity for all your needs.
  • Choose from a range of flexible plans tailored to your requirements.


  • Somewhat costly.
  • Lengthy contracts.
  • Charges for terminating early.
  • Significant latency.
Internet for motorhomes, RV internet, satellite internet



  1. Starlink revolutionizes internet connectivity by deploying the world’s largest satellite constellation in low Earth orbit. Enjoy seamless streaming, online gaming, video calls, and more with its high-speed broadband internet.
  2. With cutting-edge satellites, user-friendly hardware, and extensive expertise in spacecraft and on-orbit operations, Starlink empowers users worldwide with high-speed, low-latency internet access.

Pricing and Plans:

The Starlink Roam service offers three different plans:

  1. Mobile Regional: This plan is priced at $150 per month and does not include hardware setup.
  2. Mobile Global: For $200 per month, you can enjoy the benefits of this plan without any additional hardware setup.
  3. Mobile Priority 50 GB: At $250 per month, this plan provides 50 GB of priority data and does not require any hardware setup.

Furthermore, there are applicable charges for hardware setup in addition to the aforementioned.


  • Offers faster speeds: High-speed broadband internet service allows for quick downloading, uploading, and streaming.
  • Global coverage: Starlink has the potential to provide internet access across the globe, including remote areas where traditional services struggle to reach.
  • Low latency: Starlink offers low latency, which is beneficial for online gaming and video conferencing.
  • No need for ground infrastructure: Since Starlink uses satellites, there’s no need for extensive ground infrastructure like cables or towers.


  • High initial cost: There’s a significant upfront cost for hardware setup.
  • Limited data: The monthly data usage is capped, meaning users may encounter reduced speeds after reaching their data limit.
  • Dependent on weather: The service performance may be affected by weather conditions.
  • Potential for space debris: The large number of satellites could potentially contribute to space debris.

Cellular Internet

With the increasing demand for reliable internet connectivity among mobile users, the options available are expanding. Enhance your mobile plan by incorporating a cellular router with a modem, capable of meeting more demanding needs like video conferencing and online gaming. If you reside in an RV, we highly recommend using a cellular router for dependable connectivity. Of course, it is crucial to have a suitable mobile plan that meets your requirements.

Nomad Internet offers a solution to the need for hot-spotting from a singular carrier by supplying cellular internet from a variety of available carriers. This can be an excellent choice for those constantly on the move seeking RV internet service. Nomad’s pricing ranges from $99.95 to $149.95 per month, offering internet speeds of 100 to 200 Mbps and unlimited data.

Pros of Cellular Options:

  • Availability: Nomad ensures connectivity virtually everywhere by leveraging the service of many major providers


  • Price: Nomad’s most affordable plan commences at a relatively steep $99.95 per month.

In conclusion, the choice between satellite and cellular internet service largely depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you’re located in a remote area with limited access to conventional internet providers, satellite internet from providers like Starlink could be a viable solution, despite its potential drawbacks such as weather dependency and capped data. On the other hand, if mobility and unlimited data are your primary concerns, a cellular option like Nomad Internet would indeed be a more fitting choice, assuming you’re comfortable with the price point. As always, the key is to assess your individual requirements and budget before making a decision.


Q1: What are the primary differences between Satellite and Cellular Internet Services?

Satellite and Cellular Internet services differ in terms of their coverage, speed, data limits, and price. Satellite services, such as Starlink, provide wider coverage but may be affected by weather conditions and often come with data caps. Cellular services, such as Nomad, offer high speed and unlimited data, but their coverage depends on the network of the provider.

Q2: Does weather affect Satellite internet services like Starlink?

Yes, adverse weather conditions can affect the signal quality of Satellite internet services like Starlink.

Q3: Which is more suitable for RV dwellers, Satellite or Cellular Internet Service?

The choice depends on individual requirements. If you are in a remote area with limited access to conventional internet providers, Satellite internet could be a viable solution. However, if mobility and unlimited data are your primary concerns, a Cellular option like Nomad Internet would be more fitting.


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