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How to get a Job while living in your car

How to get a Job while living in your car!

Unfortunately for most people having a job is a necessity for source of income to pay for the essentials regardless of their living circumstances. Whilst there has been a surge of remote jobs in recent years allowing extra freedom for employees making it easier to live a nomadic lifestyle.

However just because you live in your vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t apply for traditional ‘boots on the ground’ jobs. In the article below we will outline some tips on apply for both traditional and remote roles for the best success in landing a position.

How to get a Job while living in your car

Finding a job while living in your car

With the freedom of living nomadically in your vehicle finding a job can be a bit different from typically job hunting. Living in your car with no tie down to the area you live can give you the freedom to search a broader radius when it comes to in-house positions. This freedom can allow you to search for roles in higher paying areas whilst still keeping your living costs relatively unchanged.

There are plenty of online job posting sites worldwide for positions in every field of work. In the USA the one of the biggest job vacancy sites is Indeed with options to filter by remote positions. Other good site is LinkedIn for traditional roles along with Fiverr & Upwork commonly used for more freelance positions.

Unfortunately there still is sometimes a negative association from some potential employers if you choose to notify them of your living circumstances when applying for positions. Below are some tips for the application and interview process if you choose to remain anonymous about living in your car.

Job Interviews when living in your car

With the modern age, more and more interviews are being conducted over the phone or online via video messaging. While audio calls are okay to take in your vehicle, answering a video call in your van could be detrimental to your application. There are plenty of alternative spaces to take your video meetings, from public facilities such as libraries or rented out offices for short periods of time.

Keeping your car clean and organized can also assist with in person interviews especially when parking in car parks of potential employers. Parking further away and walking can stop questions being asked if your vehicle living set-up is obvious from the outside.

Staying Clean & Hygiene

In most work places appearance is everything so staying clean and hygienic is essential, especially when it comes to in person and customer facing positions. With the interview process first impressions can make or break your successful application so ensuring you are clean and presentable is crucial.

Having a shower, doing your hair/ make-up and a freshly washed outfit is the best way to make a clean first impression with interviewers none the wiser you are living out of your vehicle.

A gym membership is the cheapest way to have access to warm showers and facilities for both preparing for your in person interview or attending work on a day to day basis. Having your clothes dry cleaned or tided up at the local laundromat can also help give you the extra edge when first impressions mean most.

Mail/ PO Box

If you are applying for positions a safe and secure spot to receive mail can assist by listing an address on your resume/ applications. If you do not want your new potential employer to know you are living in your vehicle an address you can put down for mail can stop any additional questions arriving.

Although now days a majority of applications and paperwork can all be completed online having a PO box at a local post office can allow for you to receive important letters and allow for a postal address on applications. For more information read our guide to How to receive mail living in your vehicle.

How to get a Job while living in your car

Benefits of living in your car when looking for a job

The nomadic lifestyle has it’s ups and downs but being able to cheaply and freely move across the country to areas with large vacancies in your ideal role. Remote positions are becoming increasingly popular and also are a perfect suit for the car or van-dweller lifestyle, allowing you to explore whilst remaining financially sound.

With the typical cost of living in each location usually factored into wages for positions, some areas offer better renumeration for the same work. Living in your car in a better wage area can help you save faster to achieve your financial goals.

Below we have outlined some of the best positions to apply for if you are planning to live life on the road and living nomadically.

Best types of jobs for living in your car

Digital marketing

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing has become increasingly popular as print media and traditional marketing avenues fall out of fashion. With a much lower barrier to entry compared to normal marketing roles, digital marketing is another great option when it comes to remote work.

With many online courses and learning materials available including free certificates and accreditation from Google and Facebook. These certificates are usually enough to help land an entry level position and start your career.

Digital marketing also allows for growth with the option to open your own agency and manage your own clients whilst living life on the road.

Content Writer/ Editor

With the digital age the world runs on creating and sharing content with thousands of blogs and business websites pumping out content the demand for content writers is increasing. With a large demand for English content writers, both experienced and entry level, this is a position that can be done in house, remote or freelance.

Sites like Upwork are a great place to start for looking at freelance and longer term positions online, best part is, they are all remote!

Virtual Assistant

With the rise of small businesses, the need for virtual assistants has dramatically increased to keep up with growth. Virtual assistants complete a majority of administrative roles that are typical of day to day business activity with the freedom of being 100% remote.

There is not a major amount of experience or skills required to become a virtual assistant with basic computer literacy, organizational and communication skills commonly required, making this a perfect entry level position. Most positions require access to a phone, computer and internet connection with vacancies advertised on most typical job search sites.

Virtual assistant roles are great for those who are looking to work part time or casual as they travel and enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. Roles can be found


Professional photography is another job that can be completed whilst living on the road. Weather it be scenic landscapes, self employed or contracted by a real estate or small businesses there are plenty of pathways to choose from.

A downside of remote photography if you are started out is the outlay of equipment with most places requiring you to supply your own gear which can add up quickly. Photography can be a lot more involved than just a good camera, with lighting, audio equipment (for filming), editing software (photoshop/ lightroom) and tripods/ stands. These can be expensive for good equipment and take up a lot of room in your vehicle setup.

Photography - How to get a Job while living in your car

Graphic Design

With social media a part of a majority of the populations daily routine, the demand for graphic designers creating and publishing content has exploded. From creating posts to flyers and print media, almost every company requires a graphic designer. The minimalistic requirements of equipment makes this perfect for working out of your car or van with a laptop.

Book Keeping & Data Entry

Book keeping and data entry are perfect for remote work out of your vehicle with plenty of entry level positions available. Most larger companies require a full time book keeper, with other companies hiring free lancers as needed. Data entry is very similar with businesses hiring remote staff as required to meet their business needs.

Seasonal Work

Seasonal positions are another great option when it comes to work whilst living out of your vehicle. From picking fruit to operating waterparks or ski resorts, seasonal workers help businesses meet their needs during certain times of the year.

If you are planning a cross country road trip, looking up in advance the demand for seasonal workers in different states and industries can help you plan ahead to ensure you always have a income lined up. Seasonal work is extremely popular with back packers for this reason and is a great way to meet like minded people.

Freelance work

Freelancing is another great alternative to the grind of the 9 to 5 whilst living in your car. Freelancing allows you to work on your terms and choose how much or how little work you wish to do to meet your financial needs.

There are plenty of job boards & dedicated websites for freelance positions allowing you to find a role that suits you. Fiverr & Upwork are some of the most common places for advertising free lance positions with the most common roles being in IT, Sales & Marketing, Admin & Customer Support, Finance & Accounting and Writing & translating.

Freelance work is great for job flexibility, however, it is becoming extremely competitive with access to international employees. Freelancing is good for making ends meet but can become an unreliable source of income when starting out on most platforms.


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