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How to receive mail living in your Vehicle

How to receive mail living in your Vehicle!

Living in your car or van comes with its own set of unique challenges that can be difficult to overcome. One of these challenges you are likely to encounter is receiving physical mail and packages. 

If circumstances force you to live in your car or van, mail sometimes takes the backseat and is forgotten. In this article we will outline alternative ways to receive physical mail whilst living in your vehicle. 

How to receive mail living in your Vehicle

Ways to receive mail living in your vehicle

Whether it’s for receiving important government letters or that late night online shopping purchase being able to receive mail is a modern day necessity. Some of the most common mail receival alternatives include;

  1. PO Box
  2. Instore Collection 
  3. Redirecting to family or friends
  4. General Delivery
  5. Mailbox
  6. Reduce the need for physical mail 

PO Box

Post office boxes (PO Boxes) are another great alternative for receiving mail without a permanent physical address. PO boxes are uniquely addressable for each user and are locked and secure at the premises of a post office.   

A downside of PO Boxes is that some companies and regulatory bodies do not recognize these as a physical street address. Depending on who you set a PO Box up with can also affect how some mail is received, with PO Boxes typically only able to receive mail from traditional carriers. 

How to receive mail living in your Vehicle

Instore collection/ Amazon Lockers

For those who can’t get enough of online shopping, retailers such as Amazon or Walmart will offer ‘click and collect’ services for purchasing online and collecting when convenient for you. 

The alternative delivery location is great when living in your car allowing you to still make online purchases from specific retailers.  

This option is suitable for receiving specific packages or collecting goods ordered online, however it will need to be used in conjunction with other methods in this list for regular letters.

Send to Family/ friends

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are still able to receive mail is redirecting your mail and physical address to that of a family member or friend. This is the best way to receive mail when time or finances is an issue without the need for signing up for 3rd party services. 

Depending on how frequently you receive parcels or letters could put a strain on your relationships, however usually it is not an issue with most family members and close friends as long as you discuss with them first. 

General Delivery

General delivery is a service provided by postal services allowing for the receival of mail for people without a permanent street address. You will need identification for collection and this service only holds your mail for a short period of time. 

No sign up for general delivery is required, however it does change how a mail piece is addressed to ensure you as a recipient receive it. For more information on General delivery make sure to check out the UPS site here

Mail Boxes for living in your car 

Mail boxes are similar to a PO Box and are typically used for small businesses who don’t want their mail delivered to a private address. The freedom of not requiring a physical address makes it perfect for those looking to live the nomadic lifestyle and collect mail when it is convenient to them.

Private mailbox providers are handy in a sense as some allow for notifications to be sent once you receive mail, this is great to avoid unnecessary trips to a post office just to have an empty box. For more information on the benefits of a Mailbox make sure to check out the UPS store article here.

How to receive mail living in your Vehicle

Reduce Physical Mail

Nowadays a lot of companies and government bodies allow for an opt-out approach for receiving notifications electronically in lieu of physical mail. 

Reducing the need for mail but opting for online emails within companies that allow so. Not only does this reduce your impact on the environment but allows you to receive important letters instantly.  

A downside of relying on this method is not all companies will allow for digital mail and receiving packages is still an issue. 


How do Nomads get their mail?

General Delivery is one of the best ways for nomadic people to receive their mail. This mail service is designed to allow for the receival of mail for those without a permanent street address.


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