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Progressive Insurance for RV: Is it The Best out there in 2024?

Our little throwback experience with Progressive Insurance

In 2021, we faced a bit of a shock when our 2017 Fifth wheel was totaled. We had chosen Progressive’s “total replacement” insurance, thinking it would fully cover us. But, we made a crucial error right from the start. When buying the Progressive insurance, we said our fifth wheel was worth $20,000, even though its real value was $27,000. We were, at that time, paying USD 45 as premium per month. After the accident, the insurance payout didn’t match the trailer’s true worth, teaching us a costly lesson about the importance of accurate valuations.

This experience was a real eye-opener for us. We discovered that not all insurance coverage is created equal and that reading the fine print is non-negotiable. It turns out that “total replacement” coverage has its limits, applying only to RVs of a certain age (In our case, the models of 2021 AND the models 1 to 4 years prior). We were lucky in a way to fall in this timeframe, but it highlighted the importance of fully understanding what you’re signing up for.

We also learned about other types of coverage Progressive insurance offers, like “Agreed Value” and “Actual Cash Value.” It’s crucial to chat with insurance agents to get the full picture and make informed decisions about what coverage best fits your needs.

Our journey through this insurance mishap taught us a lot, not just about insurance, but about the importance of being thorough and asking the right questions. We’re sharing our story in hopes it helps you navigate your insurance choices more wisely. Let’s keep rolling safely and smartly on our adventures, with the right coverage in our corner!

Progressive Insurance was a life saver for us!

Why we say RV Insurance is a must for you

Why get RV insurance, you ask? Well, think of it as your safety net that catches you when the unexpected happens. This isn’t just about fixing dents and scratches from those oops moments on the road. It’s about protecting your home-on-wheels from theft, fires, and storms. Plus, it looks out for the stuff inside your RV (because who wants to lose their favorite camping gear, right?) and covers you if someone gets hurt around your RV. I made the mistake of undervaluing my RV and you just can’t believe the pain of not getting a payout that didn’t cover the loss. That’s a real-life lesson on making sure you’re covered properly. So, yeah, RV insurance is pretty essential – it lets you hit the road with peace of mind, knowing you’re covered for the bumps along the way. You can read in detail about how RV Insurance works in our Ultimate guide here.

While there are a number of Insurance companies for Recreational vehicles like Good Sam, Liberty Mutual, Etc., Progressive is one of our preferred go-to insurance providers and you can read below why it is so.

Progressive Insurance for RV – An overview

Progressive, the top motor insurance carrier in the U.S., really knows their stuff with RV insurance, offering a variety of coverage types and customizable add-ons. They’ve got a cool feature where you can tweak your deductible to fit your budget. Want lower monthly payments? Opt for a higher deductible. Prefer smaller out-of-pocket costs when something goes awry? Go low on the deductible. Plus, their disappearing deductible program is a sweet deal, reducing your deductible by 25% each year until it hits zero after four years. Pretty handy, right?

Benefits of Progressive Insurance for RV

  • 24/7 customer service support: Progressive insurance has got you covered with their round-the-clock customer service. Whether it’s by chat, email, or a phone call away, they’re ready to jump in whenever you need—to report an accident, file a claim, get a hand on the road, tweak your policy, or even just to pay your bill. And for the DIYers, their website’s always up for you to check out your policy, make changes, or pay up without having to chat with anyone. It’s all about making your life easier.
  • Ability to customize quotes: Getting the perfect RV insurance with Progressive is a breeze, and totally tailored to what you need and how much you want to spend. Starting with the basics based on your RV type, you can jazz things up with extras like total loss replacement or coverage for your personal stuff. Looking to save some cash? Play around with deductibles or snag some discounts. And the cherry on top? Their quote generator adjusts your monthly rate in real-time as you input your info, making it super easy to hit that budget sweet spot. Just pop in some details about you, your vehicle, and who’s driving to get your quote rolling.
  • Wide range of discounts available: Progressive insurance has got a bunch of discounts to make your RV insurance premiums a little lighter on your wallet. Bundle up with a multi-policy discount if you’ve got your home, car, or boat insured with them too. Are you the first-ever owner of your RV? There’s a discount for that. Been driving like a pro without any tickets or accidents for three years? Score a responsible driver discount. Plus, snag a deal by getting your policy sorted out a day early. And there’s more – pay in full, pay on time, have a claim-free record, own a home, or go paperless to save even more.

Drawbacks to consider – Progressive Insurance

  • Discounts vary by state: While Progressive insurance hooks you up with a ton of discount options, keep in mind that not all discounts are up for grabs in every state – that’s pretty standard across insurance companies, though. If snagging some savings is on your radar, it pays to shop around. Dive into comparing different insurers to see who throws the best discounts your way. You might need to gather a few quotes to pinpoint which one really gets you the most bang for your buck in terms of coverage and savings.
  • Not all plans have personal effects coverage: Wanna keep your gadgets and goodies safe inside your RV? Personal effects coverage has got your back. Just a heads up, though – it’s not automatically in the mix with Progressive’s plans, so you’ll have to chip in a bit extra for it. But hey, for peace of mind over your personal items, it might just be worth that little extra.

How does the Progressive Insurance for RV coverage options work?

A few years back, we learned the ins and outs of Progressive insurance’s RV coverage, which can be a tad complex. They’ve got this “Total Replacement” deal where, if your RV is a goner, you’re compensated based on the value you initially reported, but only if your RV’s model year is within the last 5 years. Then there’s the “Agreed Value” and “Actual Cash Value” options, each with its own vibe. Definitely worth a chat with your insurance agent to see what fits your situation best. Plus, Progressive insurance has the usual insurance suspects like comprehensive, collision, and liability, along with some sweet add-ons like total loss replacement and even pest damage protection for those unexpected guests.

The Progressive roadside assistance

Progressive roadside assistance is like having a handy helper for your RV troubles. They’ve got you covered with towing, winching, jump-starts, fuel delivery, and even locksmith services if you get locked out. Need a flat tire changed or a quick fix on the spot? They’re on it for up to an hour. While Progressive roadside assistance is pretty solid compared to other insurance and warranty plans, it’s not as all-encompassing as what you’d get from a dedicated roadside service like AAA. But hey, if your RV’s acting up because of a breakdown, they’ll tow you to the nearest fix-it shop. Got into a fender bender? That might fall under a different part of your policy, so it’s good to check.

Other Coverages of Progressive Insurance

Imagine your RV club faces a big cleanup bill after a storm or facing a water damage. If you’re with Progressive insurance, they’ve got a coverage that can pitch in up to $5,000 for those shared costs. And say you’re out vacationing and someone gets hurt in your RV? There’s vacation liability coverage for that, up to $10,000, and you can choose to bump that up to half a million dollars if you want extra peace of mind. Ever thought about what happens if your RV trip takes an unexpected turn and you can’t stay in it? Progressive insurance can cover your hotel and travel expenses up to $750, and you can increase this to $2,000 for a fee. Plus, if your furry friend gets hurt in an RV mishap (you can take care of them better by reading this later), they’ll cover vet bills up to $1,000, no deductible needed. And in case you are annihilated by rodents & pests like we were, you can get covered too for them with Progressive Insurance, provided you choose the correct coverage options. However, be sure that none of the damages are due to your negligence to perform proper maintenance, for your claims to work! You can read here later on how to prevent mold and mildew in your van.

Progressive RV insurance pricing

Navigating the world of RV insurance with Progressive insurance can feel a bit like trekking through uncharted territory, but let’s break it down to make it as easy as a leisurely Sunday drive. In 2022, the average cost to insure your home-on-wheels with Progressive insurance was around $573 annually for travel trailers and $958 for those hefty motorhomes, as per Roamly. And if you’re thinking, “What if I just get liability?” Well, you could be looking at a mere $125 a year.

But, as with any road trip, there are variables that can change your route. The type, age, and how you use your RV play big roles in your insurance costs. Got a shiny new Class A motorhome? That’s gonna cost more to insure than an older, more modest Class C or a nifty Class B camper van. And for those who prefer towing their homes behind them, insurance for travel trailers and the like tends to be lighter on the wallet.

Now, for the full-timers out there, spending six months or more each year living the RV dream, your insurance needs shift. Progressive gears up its full-time RV insurance with added layers like personal liability, medical payments, and even coverage for those unexpected communal expenses.

Choosing the right insurance is a bit like picking the right campsite. You want the view (coverage) that best suits your needs, at a spot (price) that feels right, and with the peace of mind knowing you’re covered, come what may. You can also check out our other article on RV life costs which can help you benchmark the expenses you need to expect, should you decide to go full time RVing like us.

Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Progressive has your back when it comes to handling your insurance stuff – and they’ve made it super simple, too! Whether you’re chilling at home or on the move, you’ve got options galore for getting things done. Want to grab a new policy, tweak the one you’ve got, or sort out your payments? You can do it all online or give ’em a ring – whatever floats your boat! As per ConsumerAdvocate, their customer support service is top notch!

And let’s talk about their mobile app – it’s like having your insurance info right in your pocket! Perfect for checking up on your policy while you’re out and about, and super handy for reaching out to the helpful folks in customer service if you ever need a hand. Plus, the app’s interface is as easy as pie, making it a breeze to navigate compared to some other insurance apps out there.

So, let’s chat about Progressive’s track record in the customer satisfaction department. They’ve got an NAIC complaint index of 1.46, which is a tad higher than the national average of 1.00. Translation? They’re getting a bit more flak than expected for a company their size. Now, they’ve got an A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but don’t let that fool you – nearly 1,100 customers have weighed in on the BBB, giving them an average of just 1.07 out of 5 stars. Ouch!

Now, onto the real stories from the trenches – the Progressive insurance for RV reviews. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. Sure, some folks had smooth sailing when it came to filing claims, but there’s a fair share of tales citing hiccups in the process. Picture this: waiting ages for a response or getting hit with a big fat denial. And let’s not forget about those rate hikes – nobody likes those surprises! Depending on your track record, Progressive might just up your premiums or, worst-case scenario, bid you farewell when it’s time to renew. So, while they’ve got some perks, it’s always good to read the fine print and weigh your options before hitching your wagon to Progressive insurance.

Our peace of Mind began with Progressive RV insurance

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

Progressive ranks in the top 10 of’s list of motor insurance providers and is definitely one of our best recommendations for RV insurance providers. Progressive insurance has a pretty solid lineup of RV insurance options, offering everything from the must-have liability coverage to extras like roadside assistance and personal effects coverage. It’s a versatile choice, whether you’re someone who enjoys the occasional weekend getaway in your RV or you’re among the adventurous souls who’ve made their RV their full-time home. Now, if you’re considering renting an RV, Progressive’s rental insurance is definitely worth a look. But, a little tip from me: don’t forget to check with your current auto insurance provider and even your credit card companies. Sometimes, they might surprise you with more affordable temporary coverage options for rented RVs. It’s all about finding the best deal that suits your needs!


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