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Best Portable Coffee Makers For Camping in 2024 (Reviewed & Ranked)

Best Portable Coffee Makers For Camping!

Will this article be an excuse to drink more coffee? In short, Yes. If you’re like me and it’s vital you have that crucial morning coffee, regardless if you are on the road or not, this guide is for you.

We’ll explore, review and rank the best portable coffee makers for your next camping trip or to add to your van-life kitchen setup.

Best Portable Coffee Makers

RankModelBrandRatingGet Latest Price
1Aeropress GoAEROPRESS 4.8 out of 5AMAZON
2Minipresso GRWacaco4.4 out of 5AMAZON
3Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French PressStanley4.7 out of 5AMAZON
Best Portable Coffee Machines Overview

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press Kit

Best Portable Coffee Makers For Camping



Go Travel Coffee Press Kit

The AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press Kit, as its name suggests, is a compact coffee-making solution for people on the move. Whether you’re a traveler, camper, or simply a coffee enthusiast looking for a quick and effective way to brew your cup of joe, the AeroPress Go is a product tailored to meet such needs.

Its compact design, combined with its versatility, has made it a highly-rated choice among Amazon’s vast coffee product selection.

Areopress Unique Features

  1. 3-in-1 Brewing Method: Combines the functionality of a French Press, Pourover, and Espresso maker.
  2. Full-bodied Brew: Ensures a smooth coffee experience without the common issues of grit or bitterness.
  3. Compact Design: Specifically designed for on-the-go users, be it for camping, traveling, or even a day at the office.
  4. Integrated Mug and Lid: Apart from brewing, the product also offers a mug and lid that double up as a travel case.

What we like about the AeroPress

  1. Consistent Quality: Brews a smooth, delicious cup of coffee devoid of bitterness or gritty residue, which can sometimes plague French Press users.
  2. Ease of Use: Brewing with the AeroPress Go requires no prior experience. With a brewing time of just a minute, it’s all about convenience and speed.
  3. Flexibility: Whether you fancy a hot cup of espresso or a cold brew, the AeroPress Go has you covered. It provides the user complete control over the brewing process.
  4. Portable: Its size and weight make it the perfect travel companion. The additional mug and lid provide added utility for travelers.
  5. Quality and Safety: Made in the USA and free of BPA and phthalates, ensuring a safe brewing experience.

What we dislike about the AeroPress

  1. Limited Capacity: With a maximum capacity of 10 ounces, it might not be sufficient for those who prefer larger servings or are brewing for multiple people.
  2. Reliance on Paper Filters: The product predominantly uses paper micro-filters. Some users might prefer metal filters or other reusable options for environmental reasons.
  3. Manual Operation: Being a manual coffee maker, it requires hands-on operation for brewing, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  4. Potential for Wear and Tear: As with any portable item, frequent travel and use might lead to wear and tear over time.
  5. Not Ideal for Larger Gatherings: Given its compact nature, it might not be the best choice for serving larger groups or gatherings.

The AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press Kit is an ingenious solution for coffee enthusiasts on the move. Its ability to provide a high-quality brew, coupled with its portability, makes it a valuable asset for travelers and campers.

While it has some limitations, such as its capacity and reliance on paper filters, its benefits far outweigh the drawbacks for its target audience.

At its price point of $39.95 (Available on here Amazon), it’s a worthy investment for those looking to have a premium coffee experience wherever they go.

Wacaco Minipresso GR

Wacaco Minipresso GR



Minipresso GR

The Wacaco Minipresso GR is a portable espresso machine designed for the coffee lover on the go. Whether you’re an avid camper, a frequent traveler, or just someone who enjoys a well-made espresso wherever you are, this hand-operated coffee gadget promises a quality brew without the constraints of traditional machines.

Minipresso GR Unique Features:

  1. Manual Operation: No need for batteries or electricity, perfect for off-the-grid adventures.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: Designed to be a traveler’s companion.
  3. Flexibility with Coffee Choices: Allows users to choose any variety of coffee bean or roast.
  4. Integrated Scoop and Filter: Makes adding and pressing ground coffee simple and clean.
  5. Built-in Espresso Cup: Comes equipped with an espresso cup, ensuring you’re always ready to enjoy your brew.

What we like about the Minipresso GR

  1. Authentic Espresso Experience: Despite its compact nature, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of espresso, ensuring you get a generous crema with every brew.
  2. Ease of Use: A straightforward operation – simply add ground coffee, level it, pour in hot water, and pump.
  3. Durability and Portability: Its sturdy build ensures longevity, and its lightweight design makes it easy to pack and carry.
  4. Economic and Environmental: Its reusable filter means no ongoing costs of buying disposable ones and less waste to the environment.
  5. Trustworthy Brand: WACACO has a track record of focusing on portable coffee solutions since 2013, ensuring specialized expertise in this niche market.

What we dislike about the Minipresso GR

  1. Limited Capacity: With a 70ml water capacity, it’s mainly suited for a single serving, making it less ideal for groups.
  2. Manual Effort: Being hand-operated, it requires a bit of manual effort which might not be everyone’s preference.
  3. Requires Boiling Water: Users must have a separate means to boil water before brewing.
  4. Accessory Costs: Any enhancements or protection for the Minipresso require separate purchases, potentially increasing the overall investment.
  5. Material: Made of plastic, which might raise durability concerns for some, compared to metal counterparts.

Overall the Wacaco Minipresso GR is a niche gadget designed for espresso enthusiasts on the move. Its manual operation and compact design make it a unique proposition in the world of portable coffee makers.

While it has its limitations, for those who crave an authentic espresso while camping, hiking, or traveling, it’s a compelling choice. At $54.90 (discounted from $64.99 on Amazon), it offers a reasonable value for its specific set of features.

Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press

Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press



All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press

The Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press is a multifaceted gadget tailored for those who don’t want to compromise on their coffee even in the great outdoors.

Whether you’re nestled in the heart of the wilderness or simply savoring a moment in your backyard, this French press promises not just a refreshing cup of joe but also the ability to boil and cook, all in one convenient package.

Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press Unique Features

  1. All-in-One Functionality: This isn’t just a French press; it brews, boils, and cooks.
  2. Tough Stainless Steel Design: Made with 18/8 stainless steel, it’s built to withstand the elements and last for years.
  3. Compact and Space-Saving: With its foldable handle and space for storing coffee inside, it’s designed for backpackers and travelers in mind.
  4. Reusable Filter: No need to worry about waste or running out of filters on your trip.
  5. Lifetime Warranty: The commitment Stanley has to the longevity and reliability of its product is commendable.

What we like about the Stanley Adventure All-In-One

  1. Versatility in Brewing: Whether you’re craving a hot cup of coffee, some warm soup, or boiling water for a meal, this gadget has got you covered.
  2. Durability: Made with rugged BPA-free stainless steel, it’s crafted to endure rough outdoor conditions.
  3. User-Friendly: Just boil the water, add your coffee, and press – simple as that. The BPA-free nylon press ensures no grounds end up in your drink.
  4. Space-Efficiency: A perfect companion for backpackers, its nested design and foldable handle ensure it won’t take up unnecessary space in your pack.
  5. Dependable Brand: With over a century-long legacy, Stanley’s reputation for crafting reliable outdoor gear stands as a testament to this product’s quality.

What we dislike about the Stanley Adventure All-In-One

  1. Weight: Weighing in at 0.93 pounds, it might be a tad heavier than other minimalist outdoor coffee solutions.
  2. Manual Operation: Requires a heat source like a stove or campfire to boil water, which might not be always convenient.
  3. Limited Capacity: With a 32 oz capacity, it might not be sufficient for larger groups or those requiring multiple servings.
  4. Stainless Steel Material: While durable, stainless steel can sometimes affect the taste of water or drinks, especially if left inside for prolonged periods.
  5. Specific Niche: The multifunctional design is not for everyone and might be overkill for those looking for a simple French press.

The Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press offers a broader range of functionality. While other makers on this list are mostly strictly espresso, Stanley’s product is all about versatility, allowing users to brew coffee, boil water, or even cook.

For adventurers who don’t want to compromise on their morning brew and are looking for a multipurpose tool to enhance their outdoor experience, the Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press is a remarkable choice.

Rugged, dependable, and versatile, it encapsulates what Stanley has been known for since 1913. Price-wise, Stanley’s offering is more affordable and also presents more value to those looking for multifunctionality. At $26.00 (Available here on Amazon), it offers unparalleled value for those on the move.

What to Look For When Choosing a Portable Coffee Maker

As you embark on your quest to find the perfect portable coffee maker, you must ponder several aspects to ensure you derive maximum pleasure from your brew. Here’s a deep dive into what to look out for in the different models to consider what’s right for you.

By taking time to consider these factors, you can ensure that your choice of a portable coffee maker resonates with both your personal preferences and needs. Remember, the proper coffee can magnify the beauty of the great outdoors (or get over the Monday blues).

Brewing Capacity

The output of the machine plays a significant role in the deciding process, especially if you need at least two shots to survive the morning. Typical brewing capacity’s are: 

  • Single Serve: Ideal for solo travellers or those who value the freshest cup each time. Remember, with a single serve; you enjoy consistency in every brew.
  • Multiple Cups: Perfect for group campers or those long mornings when one cup just isn’t enough. A communal coffee experience can be a heartwarming way to bond during camping.

Weight & Size

Consider the space you are working with. Are you planning to travel in a camper van with ample space or are you hiking? If you’re backpacking, every ounce matters. A lightweight and compact design ensures you don’t compromise on essentials.

But, if you’re car camping or have extra space, maybe a slightly bulkier option for a richer brew might be worth it. It’s all about balancing convenience with taste.

Ease of Use

Everyone is not expected to be a part-time barista, so if you are are If you’re after a quick and hassle-free caffeine fix, opt for straightforward devices like the AeroPress or use premade alternative like instant coffee.

However, if brewing is a ritual for you and you cherish the process, tools like the pour-over dripper or Moka pot might appeal to the artisan in you.

Clean-up & Maintenance

If you’re like me, cleaning up is the worse part of any coffee. Consider models that have simple features, are easy to rinse, and where the used grounds can be packed out or responsibly discarded.

Make sure to think about the environment you’re camping in and the impacts the machine may have. A coffee maker that’s easy to clean ensures minimal waste and residue left in nature.


A durable coffee maker means fewer replacements and reduces waste over time. Make sure to look for trusted and reputable brands known for longevity.

Thinking long-term and Investing in a slightly pricier but durable model can save you money in the long run, not to mention the memories you’ll craft with a trusty brew buddy by your side.

Types of Portable Coffee Makers

The world of portable coffee makers is vast, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Here’s a roundup of the different styles of portable coffee machines and how they work:


The AeroPress is one of the best known branded portable coffee makers. This unique coffee press uses air pressure to push water through coffee grounds, resulting in a smooth and robust brew. Its lightweight and compact design makes it popular among travelers and campers.

French Press (Plunger)

A classic method where coffee grounds are immersed in hot water and separated by pressing down a mesh sieve or plunger. Portable versions are available that are suited for travel.

Pour-Over Drippers

These are one of the most straightforward styles of portable coffee makers and require you to manually pour hot water over coffee grounds held within a filter. They come in various materials from ceramic to metal and plastic and are typically budget friendly.

Portable Espresso Makers

Battery or 12v powered espresso makers allow you to make espresso on the go which is closest to that of a fresh shot from a local coffee shop. They use manual pressure or battery power to push water through finely-ground coffee.

Moka Pot

Often referred to as the “stovetop espresso maker”, this Italian classic brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through coffee grounds. Smaller versions can be packed for travel and are ideal to use on small camping stoves or jet boils. 

Travel Coffee Press Mugs

Travel coffee press mugs combine the mechanism of a French press with the convenience of a travel mug. Brew and drink from the same container, making it ideal for on-the-go situations and ease of clean up.

Vacuum/Siphon Brewers

Though less common in portable forms, some compact versions are available which are suited to larger van camping setups. They brew coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and vacuum produce the brew.

Cold Brew Bottles

Designed for making cold brew coffee, these bottles have built-in filters. You add coarsely ground coffee and cold water, let it steep, and enjoy your brew hours later. These are perfect for iced coffee drinkers and can allow you to prep ahead by making multiple days of coffee at a time.

Instant Coffee/ Machine Alternatives

If space is a considerable concern there are some other alternatives that can take away the need for packing a coffee maker, these include; 

Instant coffee

It’s freeze-dried or spray-dried coffee that only requires hot water. Brands have refined their processes, offering improved taste for those seeking ultra-light and fast solutions.

Coffee Pouches/Bags

Similar to tea bags but filled with coffee grounds. You steep them in hot water, providing a mess-free solution without any apparatus. Popular manufacturers include the Steeped Coffee Store.


Each of these styles has its own advantages, offering unique brewing experiences. Your choice would depend on your taste preferences, the brewing process you enjoy, and how compact or lightweight you want your coffee maker to be when traveling or camping.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the type. While most are designed for hot brewing, some, like the AeroPress or specific travel coffee press mugs, can be adapted for cold brewing. However, dedicated cold brew bottles are best if cold brew coffee is a regular preference.

It boils don to your preference for taste and convenience. A portable espresso maker is designed to mimic the high-pressure extraction of traditional espresso machines, giving you a close approximation to genuine espresso. 

Moka Pots provide a strong coffee that’s often likened to espresso but isn’t quite the same due to different pressure levels.

The French Press is often recommended for beginners due to its straightforward method—simply add coffee grounds, pour hot water, wait, and press.

Pour-Over Drippers are also beginner-friendly, though they might require a bit more attention during the pouring process.

Both methods allow for experimentation with brew time and coffee-to-water ratios without being overly complex.

Brewing times can vary. The AeroPress typically takes less than a minute once the water is added; Moka Pots can take 5-10 minutes depending on the heat source; French Press usually requires a 4-minute steep time; Pour-Over Drippers might take 3-5 minutes depending on pour technique and grind size; and Portable Espresso Makers can vary from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

It’s always recommended to consult the user manual or guidelines for specific brewing times.


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